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Achievements of GIEAIA

Those who opposed the formation of GIEAIA were waiting for the opportunity to establish it is born out of jealous and not really to serve and improve the status of General Insurance Employee. But, to their dismay the history proved their decision was wrong for the following simple reasons:

In the first ever wage settlement had come into being in Public Sector General Insurance Companies on 27.05.1974 w.e.f., 1.1.1973, GIEAIA could win over the following benefits which were not made available to LIC employees since its Nationalization in the year 1956 by the AIIEA:      

  1. 100% DA neutralization up to a Basic Salary of Rs.245/- to Class IV and Class III.
  2. PF contribution - 8% on Basic + DA.
  3. Sick Leave - 240 days with full pay.

AIIEA leadership criticized GIEAIA and allegated Com.Pillai sold the employee's rights' history proved it was only due to jealous and animosity. GIEAIA never compromised unless there is justification - true to this nature, challenged the arrogance of Central Government in the Court of Law for unilaterally reducing the PF contribution to 10% on Basic Salary in the year 1976 and Sick Leave to 240 days with Half pay. In 1980, Challenging the arbitrariness of the Central Government and autocratic attitude of then Finance Ministry for imposing and adversely changing the service conditions of the General Insurance Employees filed a writ in Supreme Court of India. Com.R.K.Garg, our President and leading Supreme Court Advocate argued in a such a way and Hon'ble Supreme Court quashed the 1980 Scheme and also restored PF on gross and 240 days full Sick Leave. It will be apt to mention here that those who alleged GIEAIA pledged the interest of employees in 1974, in the Supreme Court during the course of their argument against the 1980 Scheme, openly admitted 1974 Scheme was the best scheme. Once again GIEAIA has proved its mettle and it has shown its supremacy in resolving the issues of General Insurance Employees and once again justified its formation.

Central Government having beaten by the Supreme Court judgement that they have exceeded their power under Sec.16 (1)(e) of General Insurance Business Nationalization Act (GIBNA Act), 1972, through back door method, promulgated an Ordinance and brought in Sec.17A in GIBNA Act to give enormous power to Central Government to modify, rescind, amend the service conditions of General Insurance Employees and shielded the Central Government against challenges from Court of Law. With this power they once again imposed the negative features of 1980 Scheme. After this GIEAIA has secured the wage revision in the years 1985 (w.e.f., 1.4.1983 @ 332 points), 1989 (w.e.f., 1.8.1987 @ 600 points), 1996 (w.e.f., 1.8.1992 @ 1148 points), 2000 (w.e.f., 1.8.1997 @ 1740 points with 100% DA neutralization to all), 2005 (w.e.f., 1.8.2002 @ 2328 points) and 2010 (w.e.f., 1.8.2007 @ 2944 points with highest ever wage revision of 17.5%)


During 1978, at the initiation of GIEAIA, to bring in welfare measures Welfare Societies were started. The idea was to promote welfare schemes, Retiral and Death benefits with equal contributions from Members and the Management. As usual the members of the so called MILITANT organization have been discouraging the employees in joining the Welfare Society for the flimsy reason - the welfare measures shall not be contributed by the members. But the secret behind this reason is nothing but they never want to give the credit to GIEAIA as they cannot claim the credit for the reason there were no such Society is in existence in LIC. At their instance, there were withdrawal of membership especially from Death and retiral Benefit Schemes. Today, everyone knows how the Welfare Societies are extending various benefits to its Members.


During the year 1983, the Public Sector Insurance Companies initiated the process of computerizing the activities of the company. Second to none, GIEAIA opposed the move of the management. Stout opposition by GIEAIA forced the management to call the unions for discussion. After various rounds of discussion, GIEAIA entered into MOU with GIC, the Holding Company in the year 1986 and allowed the management to begin the process of computerization in a small way, thereby the computers will be used only to give Managerial Information and will be used only in MSD. While allowing the same, ensured monetary benefits to the employees who operate computers in the form of allowances to DEOs and Programmers. Once again 'MILITANTS' raised a slogan that they will throw the machines to Bay of Bengal but conveniently hidden the fact automation in LIC was already in vogue. But, they never prevented their members to work as DEOs and Programmers as it attracted Special Allowance but with lame excuse that their members will oversee the strict implementation of MOU signed by GIEAIA while giving indirect credence to GIEAIA.

There were rumors that henceforth there will be no recruitment and there will be reduction in existing staff strength by way of retrenchment. Contrary to this, there were MASS Recruitments in GIC and its Subsidiaries - thanks to the efforts of GIEAIA - in 1988, 1990 and 1991 and thereafter FIVE batches of recruitment of CBSE students had taken place.

In 1993, GIEAIA has given free hand to management to introduce computerization in all activities and got an increment to all Public Sector General Insurance Employees. Failing which, in the changed competitive scenario, our Public Sector Companies would have found it too difficult to give effective customer service - This is the broader vision of GIEAIA leadership in protecting the interests of Public Sector.


The same adversaries trumpeted that "It shall be only as THIRD Retiral benefit, otherwise No"ss. Sensing the danger behind the same, GIEAIA has taken a correct and bold decision in demanding the Index linked Pension as a Social Security Scheme, in lieu of Employer's Provident Fund. Through sustained struggle achieved the goal and in 1995 Pension Scheme came into being, thereby GIEAIA lit the candle in the life of every Public Sector General Insurance Employees.

Again the miscreants confused the employees that it is not a good scheme for Youngsters, it is beneficial only to Elders. If the Youngsters opt for Provident Fund, they will get lakhs and lakhs of money - they misguided. Some were misguided by this wrong preaching ignoring the truth behind GIEAIAs advice that irrespective of age, all shall opt for Pension as Social Security Scheme.

Today, to help the non-optees, GIEAIA rightfully placed its demand for "ONE MORE OPTION FOR PENSION" - Once again the greater vision of GIEAIA is proved. It may not be out of place that the mis-guiders, following the foot print of GIEAIA, raising their slogan for one more option for pension.

PTMP and the role of GIEAIA:

During last before wage revision i.e., during 2004 , GIPSA put forth condition for acceptance of SEVEN Managerial Agenda for revising the wage as a pre-condition in the name of Improvement in Customer Service. One among them is TMP - They treated this as foremost Managerial Agenda 'to ensure adequate number of hands in each office to serve the customers properly.' While initiating discussion, they laid down condition that all the employees who have put in TEN YEARS of CONTINUOUS SERVICE will be subject to TMP and if they are from Metro Cities, will be posted within 250 Kms and for others it will be within Regional Area.
GIEAIA was vehement in its approach and demanded TMP should not be tagged with Wage Revision. Through our beloved President, Com. Gurudas Das Gupta approached the Ministry Officials and Ministers of Finance to thwart TMP. Struggled hard, agitated through various trade union methods and techniques. Since, there were no other alternate and GIPSA and Ministry were stubborn, keeping the danger of Sec. 17A of GIBNA Act, 1972, to harness the severity of TMP, GIEAIA exchanged Minutes with GIPSA on the following conditions:

  1. TMP - station to station shall be restricted to 150 Kms.
  2. The exercise shall not be mechanical. .
  3. The exercise shall be on NEED BASED

Imagine otherwise what would have happened? Under the same Notification of 2005, for which GIEAIA has not consented viz., Reducing CL to 12 days, Removing Half day Casual Leave provision, Abolition of Additional Casual Leave, Increase in Working Hours etc. were thrust on us. Blaming GIEAIA, the so called MILITANTS approached the Court - filed a writ in Madras High Court not to challenge the provision because they also knew it is not possible, but to get relief for their 'LEADERS alone' in the name of cadre strength i.e., only one Stenographer for Divisional Office.

Court has not stalled the orders - their leaders, Stenographer and categorized Stenographers transferred from Chennai to DO, Ranipet under CNRO of UII which was within a radius of 150 Kms. In the name of personal gain to the so called top MILITANT UNION Leader i.e., instead of Ranipet DO, his, the CATEGORISED STENOGRAPHAER's services was transferred to BO, Chenglepet. The trumpeters have created a new history and created following records:

  1. Throwing their prayer before Madras High Court to winds that second and third stenographers are not to be posted to DO against the norms, for personal gains, accepted the modified order to BO, Chinglepet - which is not entitled for stenographer as per cadre strength..
  2. They never further pursued the case in the court of Law.

This is the true color of the MILITANTS. They are Militants only by words and not by deeds.

Up-gradation of PTS to FTS:

By the efforts of GIEAIA, many Temporary employees who were working as Sweepers have been regularized as Permanent Part-time Employees. To improve upon their financial condition, GIEAIA fought for their up-gradation to FTS and succeeded in its attempt by signing MOU with then GIC, the holding company to convert the PTS into FTS. Being the only check-off qualified union in Class III and IV in UII, in the Structured Meeting held in August, 2011 GIEAIA put forth effectively the demand of up-gradation of PTS. Further we urged they have to be covered under Pension Scheme 1995. UII Management, under the great persuasion of GIEAIA, in a week's time upgraded 108 PTS throughout India and conceded our demand of covering them under Pension Scheme, 1995.