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General Insurance Employees All India Association isthe organization fought for Nationalization of our industry from the clutches of private tycoons.GIEAIA was formed on 1st August, 1971.

In May, 1952, Insurance Employees Trade Union's convention was held in Delhi. AIIEA which was formally formed in 1951, adopted its constitution in 1953. The Trade Union movement of Insurance Industry was for both Life and Non-Life. Company-wise All India, Regional / State Federations were formed.

In 1956, LIC was nationalized. This accelerated unionizing the insurance employees throughout the country. Changing its composite character, AIIEA slowly restricted the membership to Life Insurance. Further the top leadership of AIIEA had given their much attention only to Life and lesser importance to Non-life as they were less in numbers and not properly organized.

The General Insurance Employee's Union, Bombay formed under the leadership of Com.K.S.B.Pillai in the year 1954, organized the employees of small companies, who by themselves were not in a position to form their own company-wise union. These unions were affiliated to AIIEA through Western Zone. Soon it was felt, to organize and mobilize General Insurance Employees, to create a machinery. This was crystallized at 1959 Kanpur Conference by constituting General Insurance Sub-Committee with Com.K.S.B.Pillai as its Convenor which decided to function from Bombay. Com.K.S.B.Pillai undertook continuous tours and herculean task of organizing the employees of general insurance industry under the banner of AIIEA, inspite of least contribution by Central and the Zonal / Divisional leadership of AIIEA except few individuals. Everyone strongly felt prominence and the importance was given to the demands of LIC employees while the issues related to General Insurance Employees were put on back burner by the composite trade union - AIIEA.

General Insurance Sub-committee hence came to the definite conclusion that to effectively carry on MASS movement in General Insurance Industry at All India level, there shall be exclusive wing for General Insurance. This has been placed before 1963 Nagpur Conference which was appreciated by all. Sub-Committee had given a call for a convention of the representatives working in various States, Region and Company-wise unions in General Insurance Industry in the year 1970 for ensuring their support to accomplish the task of Nationalization. This convention constituted 'A Council of Actions' with almost all the General Insurance Unions as its constituents except New India Federation. The Council of Action constituted to popularize the demand of Nationalization of General Insurance Industry had elected Com. Madan Mohan and Com. K.S.B.Pillai as its Chairman and General Secretary respectively. To popularize the demand of Nationalization, to arouse the employee's feelings and to mobilize the Political support, Com.K.S.B.Pillai and Com.Madan Mohan toured throughout India and met MPs, Finance Minister Sri. Morarji Desai and submitted memorandum to Government of India. Their strenuous efforts ultimately win over the demand of Nationalization and the General Insurance Industry was nationalized on 13th May, 1971.

Thereafter the Council of Action decided to form a separate, independent trade union which alone will further the needs and causes of General Insurance Employees. This was not acceptable to Working Committee of AIIEA as they opined it should only be a wing of AIIEA. In this back ground, Second Convention of General Insurance Employees and First Conference of General Insurance All India Association was held at Bombay between 30th July and 1st August, 1971 which was attended by 335 delegates from 17 Unions representing 15,000 General Insurance Employees in 106 Companies. At this convention, General Insurance Employee's All India Association (GIEAIA) was given birth - the general insurance employees celebrated the occasion throughout India as if a function of their home like Indians celebrated the Independence Day.